Power in the Pulpit by Jerry Vines & Jim Shaddix

Power in the Pulpit is a textbook on expository preaching. It is comprehensive in its scope yet practical and accessible. It is a must-read for preachers who love the Truth and a desire to keep God’s Word the focus of their preaching ministry. After all, if it isn’t God’s Word, it isn’t preaching.

The book comes in three parts:

1. The Preparation for Exposition – This section deals with the definition and philosophy of expository preaching as well as the development of the preacher.
2. The Process of Exposition – This section gives practical instruction for studying the text and organizing the sermon.
3. The Presentation of the Exposition – This section equips the preacher for effective sermon delivery.

Power in the Pulpit is a classic on expository preaching. It is deeply challenging, yet it encourages the preacher to the monumental task of preaching. It is an exaltation of God’s Word. It is a challenge to God’s servant. It will change the way your approach sermon preparation and delivery.