Arresting the Drift

In the East, where the dessert meets a river-valley or oasis, the sand is in a continual state of drift from the wind.  This is the cause for barrenness in such portions of the desert that join themselves to fertile land.  Simply set down a large rock on the sand, and see what a difference its presence makes.  After a few showers, to the leeward side of the stone some blades of grass will spring up; you have the beginnings of a garden!

The potential for this life is the product of the stone; but how?  Simply by arresting the drift.

Photo by 10 Ninjas Steve

This life is full of wind; information overload, busy schedules, and winds of doctrine.  All of these blow in my life and if I do not protect against them, they will cause a drift that will choke out any fruit that I may be producing.  I need some immovable stones to arrest the drift.

My pastor and other spiritual leadership arrests the drift of misguided ambition and complacency.

My friends and family arrests the drift of burnout and loneliness.

The Word of God arrests the drift of false doctrine and the enemy’s lies.

Without these and other rocks in my life, the winds would blow and the sands would bury me in the cares of this world and the weakness of my flesh.

Thank God for arresting the drift!

What stones do you have in your life to arrest the drift?  Most of them have to be put there intentionally.


Keep But Don’t Take

Jesus’ special prayer for the Church in John 17 is one of the most beautiful portions of Scripture.  It reveals the heart of God and His great love for His Church.  I am especially intrigued by what He prays in verse fifteen.

“I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.”

There seems to be so much wrapped up in that one sentence.  It speaks to the importance of  being separate from this world, yet not isolated.  It speaks to the fact that God will, at times, allow us to go into a difficult situation, yet He does so with the intention of bringing us through.  It speaks to the duty of the Church and brings an understanding to our purpose in this world.

Everybody has faced some trial of which they prayed the Lord to take them out.  But instead of taking us out, God brought us through.  And when we were on the other side of the trial, we found ourselves made better for being kept through the trial.  And we knew that it was the trial that made us better and the keeping that revealed His love.

If you are in the middle of it right now…

He may not take you out, but I know that He will see you through.