His Spot Is Never Empty

I am writing this a few hours after our Sunday worship service.  I must admit that today’s service was a struggle for me.  I could sense a deep longing in my spirit for the presence of God but my flesh was not cooperating.  Even though I had plenty of rest, I was tired, my head felt cloudy, and I was having a hard time focusing on the Lord.  I don’t want to over analyze this situation, there are a lot of possible explanations for why this battle was going on.  The simple fact is that it was going on, and it often does for many of us.

It did remind me of a simple truth, and that is what I wish to focus this post on.  That truth is the fact that God is always present (he is omnipresent) and He is always desiring to work and move in our lives.  Whether or not He does is up to us.

We often say or hear others say, “God really showed up today!”  or “What a great move of God we had today!”  When the truth of the matter is, God is there everyday.  We simply don’t recognize it because we allow our flesh to win the battle.  If there was a great move of His presence, it was because His children (at least one) moved and tapped into the Spirit of God that was always there.

As I thought about this, I was reminded of picture that I saw in a Father’s Day art project.

I am so glad to know that His spot is never empty.  He is always there.  Even when I don’t feel Him.  Even when I don’t feel after Him.

And so I am thankful for the battle that happened inside of me today.  My flesh didn’t feel like it, but my spirit was crying out for the Lord.  And when the battle was over, Jesus was where He always been – right beside me.