What mark will your life leave?

Every life makes a mark on the lives of others. Some lives mark many other lives, some lives mark few. What is even more important than the number of lives marked by yours is the type of mark you leave. Some people mark others with their own personal mark, leaving an impression that lasts a lifetime and seldom much more. Some people mark others with the mark of Christ, hiding behind the cross as the love of Jesus shines through them. They are often forgotten in death and even overlooked in life, but the mark that they leave last for an eternity.

What mark will you make on others? Your mark or His?

He must increase, but I must decrease.

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Platform and Source

Living a life of influence is all about relationships; intentional, authentic relationships. We are met each day with an opportunity to impact the lives of others. If we are going to change the world we live in, if we are going to make a difference in the lives of the people around us we must have a platform and a source.

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Your relationship with them is the platform. A platform is something that is given and earned. There are a multitude of voices in the world, more today than ever. Every person must choose which voices they are going to listen to. When someone trusts you and respects you, they will give you the platform to speak into their life. This trust and respect is earned through relationship.

Having a platform is not enough. Everyone has a platform with somebody. However, we are not all positively influencing those whom have come to trust and respect us. If our platform is going to be positive, we must have a source.

Our relationship with Him is the source. When I don’t spend time alone with God in prayer and study of His Word, I immediately notice that the positive impact that my life has on those around me begins to decline. I don’t have anything to give of myself if I don’t first receive from Him. I have nothing to pour out if I don’t first allow Him to pour in. It is Him working through me that allows me to be a blessing at all.

Change your world. Build a platform. Stay connected to the source.