Book Review: GlobeQuake by Wallace Henley

The subtitle of this incredible book caught my attention; “Living in the Unshakeable Kingdom while the world falls apart.”

Wallace Henley has worked for more than three decades in the fields of journalism, government, and the church. His experience and unique insight shine through in this work. This is not a book of doom and gloom, but of hope for the citizens of God’s unshakeable kingdom.


Mr. Henley discusses the causes and effects of a shaken world, the need for a stable people and a stable church, and outlines a strategic, Biblical plan for obtaining and keeping stability in six spheres of life; person, church, family, education, governance, and business/marketplace.

This is by far one of the best books I read in 2012 and I would highly recommend it for every Christian leader whether you be in the sphere of the church, the family, or business. I would also highly recommend this book for anyone who may struggle with anxiety or fear due to current events. There is a place of stability and hope!

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Love Is The Goal

Studies in First Corinthians – XXIII

“And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

Faith. Hope. Love. These three are constantly found together in Scripture. Where one is found, the other two are often found lending support.

“Being justified by faith…we rejoice in hope…because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts” (Romans 5:1-5).

“…we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints, For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven” (Colossians 1:4-5).

“…your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope (1 Thessalonians 1:3).

Faith is trust that rests upon evidence and leads to action. Hope is confidence in the future. Both are related to love. In fact, it is impossible to separate them. Faith looks back, claiming the saving work of Calvary. Hope looks forward and lays hold of a future glory. Love dominates the present. Faith says Jesus Christ came to save me; hope says He is coming again to take me to be with Him; love says He abides in my heart today.

Faith is nothing but an intellectual conviction without hope and love. Hope is just a dream without faith and love. Love is just a feeling, a temporary emotion, without faith and hope.

Paul says that the greatest of these three is love. Why? Because faith and hope are means to the end, but love is the goal. You cannot rest in faith and hope, but you can rest in love.

Love is greatest of all because God is love. God has no need for faith; He knows everything. God does not hope; He possess everything. But God loves, because He is love.

Love of God, eternal love, shed Thy love through me!
Nothing less than Calvary’s love would I ask of Thee.
Fill me, flood me, overflow me,
Love of God, eternal love, shed Thy love through me!
-Amy Carmichael

Your Problem is for Your Promise

When God allows your enemy to linger, you can rest assured that it is for your good. If you are obeying the Lord and you run into an obstacle, know that God will use your obstacle as an instrument of blessing. If God has given you a promise but all you see is a problem, trust that God is using the problem to fulfill the promise.

Photo by katiebyers

As the Israelites found themselves in the wilderness between their captivity and their promise, they received a word from the Lord (Exodus 23). He assured them that He was going to bring them into their promise but presently, their promise was possessed by their problems. “Don’t be concerned about the problems,” he told them, “ I will take care of the problems.” However, God wasn’t going to do it like man would do it; He had a plan for the problem.

God told them that He was not going to drive their enemy out in one fast and fatal campaign because if He did, the land would become desolate and the animals of the field would become too numerous. God had a different plan for Israel’s enemies, He was going to drive them out little by little so that they could prepare the promise for His people.

Israel’s enemies were not in the land to defeat them. They were there to bless them. God told His people that they were going to live in houses and cities that they had not built and they were going to eat from vineyards that they had not planted. Who do you think was going to build their houses? Who do you think was going to plant their vineyards? Their enemy was!

Have faith! Take your eyes off of your enemy. Stop focusing on your obstacle. Don’t worry about your problem; God is using your problem to fulfill His promise!

When Jesus Stops on the Road to Your Miracle

Sometimes interruptions are beautiful. Interruptions like the one in Mark 5. The crowd pressed and pushed, each one desiring to catch a glimpse of the One whose fame had spread like wildfire. The men and women jockeyed for position; if they were fortunate, they would be able to touch this Man of Miracles.

Not all touches are equal. Not all touches cause an interruption. Something was different about her touch. She had been sick for many years. She had spent every penny she had on the latest tests, treatments, and prescriptions; nothing worked. The doctors were out of ideas. There was only one hope left. She pushed past the crowd, she touched Him, and everything stopped.

Sometimes interruptions are dreadful. Interruptions like the one in Mark 5. He was out of ideas. His baby girl was sick. He couldn’t imagine life without her. Father’s aren’t supposed to bury their children! There was only one hope left. He made his way to the lakeshore. The rumor was that the Man of Miracles was coming and the crowd was swelling. Maybe he could convince Him to come and heal his daughter.

Every other day he was a leader in the synagogue. Today he was just a father with a very sick little girl. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and pleaded with Him to come and heal his daughter. Jesus went with him; so did the crowd. For the first time the father felt a tinge of hope. The crowd was slowing things down but at least they were moving in the right direction. The matter was urgent, they must not delay!  But then everything stopped.

Question’s raced through Jarius’ mind. Why has He stopped? We don’t have time for interruptions! Why is He asking silly questions about who touched Him at a time like this? Has he forgot that my daughter is going to die at any moment?

Jesus lingered. Messengers delivered. Hope died.

Jesus spoke. Jarius believed. Hope stood up and walked around.

What do you do when Jesus stops on the road to your miracle?

“Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” -Jesus (Mark 5:36 NLT)


Even Here?

I have been thinking a lot about the Grace of God recently.  I am simply amazed by the places in my life that God’s Grace reaches into and changes.  I am learning more and more that I could do nothing were it not for God’s Grace.  His Grace leads me to repentance.  His Grace helps me to be obedient.  His Grace gives me victory.

I certainly don’t want to make light of sin.  I don’t adhere to a doctrine that teaches we can live however we want and do whatever feels good because God’s Grace will cover it all.  In fact, that is an extremely perverted grace.  It robs from the true meaning of Grace.  No, Grace should lead us to righteousness.  Grace gives us the desire to be obedient and pleasing to the One who gave the gift of Grace.

I do, however, believe that there is no place that Grace can’t reach you.  If you are breathing and Jesus hasn’t taken His Church out of this world, there is still hope.  If you are worried that you have fallen too far or sinned too much, the very fact that you are concerned is proof enough for me that you aren’t out of the reach of God’s Grace.  There are only two things that can come between you and Grace; (1) your will (you don’t desire grace/don’t think you need it) and (2) the lies of the enemy.

Many of you have probably heard this often repeated verse about sin:

Sin will take you further than you ever wanted to go.
Make you pay more than you ever wanted to pay.
And keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay.

Certainly, this is true on all accounts.  But I would like to add one line to this; someone may need to hear it.

Sin will take you further than you ever wanted to go.
Make you pay more than you ever wanted to pay.
And keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay.
And Grace can reach you there!

Yes, Even There!