In Spite Of The Donkey Chase

The following is a guest post written by a good friend of mine, Jonathan King.  He is also a contributing writer for the

1 Samuel 9:2-3 (From the Amplified Bible)

2 Kish had a son named Saul, a choice young man and handsome; among all the Israelites there was not a man more handsome than he. He was a head taller than any of the people. 3 The donkeys of Kish, Saul’s father, were lost. Kish said to Saul, Take a servant with you and go, look for the donkeys.

The Bible tells us about the day that the donkeys of Saul’s father were lost.  In those times, much like today, donkeys were among the least desirable animals to have. Lets be honest… Donkeys are a pain! They never seem to want to go where you want them to go, and they rarely will do what you want them to do. And yet when they were lost, Saul is sent to find them.

Saul, as described here in 1st Samuel, is a man wrapped in an incredible heritage. Seven generations of Saul’s family is traced out and history would tell us that success surrounded his lineage. Not only did he have the heritage, but the Bible says that he was the most handsome man in all of Israel! Saul had it going on! But today, he is sent to find some lost DONKEYS!


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If we were to be honest, most of us become slightly irritated when we are sent on donkey chases. You know what I’m talking about… Its those tasks from the Lord that even though I may not say it, I am definitely thinking “Seriously Lord? Don’t you have somebody else to do this?” I’m sure that Saul wasn’t thrilled about going to hunt down those donkeys. He would never have said it to his father, but you better believe when he got out of hearing distance, that servant heard his frustration!

Donkey chases have so much in common with my life it seems. How?

  • Did you know that most donkeys are sterile? They are incapable of producing ANYTHING! Have you ever been given a task that didn’t seem as though was capable of producing any thing of value?
  • A donkey is almost always associated with being a pain and hard to be around. Have you ever been given a task from God to love someone who maybe was a little difficult to be around?

I think you get the picture. The reality is that any of the servants of Saul’s’ household could have easily been sent to find these ignorant donkeys, but daddy sent Saul. And so Saul departed on his donkey chase.

Have you ever realized that it was while Saul was in the middle of a job that someone else SHOULD have been doing that he met the Prophet who anointed him as King of Israel? You see, God is able to do AMAZING things in spite of the Donkey Chase!

I encourage you to never be discouraged about the tasks that you find yourself performing. Who knows what the Lord is trying to show you. You very well could find the greatest calling of your life… In Spite of the Donkey Chase!


I’m Stuck

They said this would happen.  I’m stuck.

I have only been blogging for a couple of weeks but I find myself looking forward to it less and less; unless, of course, I have that great inspiration which demands I write.  All the “experts” that I read when I was thinking about blogging warned that this day would come.  Well, here it is. 

This is a great little diagram that I found over at one of my favorite daily blogs, Indexed.  I am somewhere in between the Evaluation stage and the Frustration stage with this blog.  The frustration stems from not being able to answer the questions that I am asking as I evaluate.  Who is my audience?  Why am I writing?  Who am I helping?  Am I blogging for me or for others?  Does blogging make a difference for me or for others?  Does blogging prepare me or help me along the way to God’s ultimate purpose for my life?  Should I continue to post three times every week or should I just do one longer post?  Or maybe I should do a really short one everyday?

These are just some things I wandering about; some things I’m stuck on.

What about you?  I would love to hear from you! 

What is your dream?  Your project?  Your ambition? 

What stage are you in?  How are you handling it? 

What are your suggestions for moving past the frustration stage and renewing imagination?

Also, a little feedback from you would be great.  What do you like as far as length and frequency of post?