Flow or Fight?

Sometimes you are in the flow.  Sometimes you are in the fight.

A few months ago, I was in the flow.  Thoughts and ideas for writing and sermons were coming effortlessly.  I filled pages of my Moleskine notebook with seeds that I fully intended to turn into moving blog posts or stirring sermons.

Well, the flow ended.  Welcome to the fight!  Now I look at that list and rather than seeing seeds that simply need planted, watered, and fertilized, I see a bunch of weights that have to be carried up a thousand flights of stairs (at least that is how it feels).  Every post, every illustration, and every creative thought has to be worked out with much effort and is accompanied by little enthusiasm.

I think it is quite obvious by now that this post was born in the fight.

This is how life goes though.  Sometimes you are in the flow.  Sometimes you are in the fight.

Photo by s.schmitz


Some days you are on the mountain.  Some days you are in the valley.

Some days you have it all under your belt.  Some days your belt breaks. (Speaking of belts breaking, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!)

Some days you have it all under control.  Some days you lose control and remember to give it back to Him.

Whatever someday you are in today, remember these words:

This too shall pass.  – Many Smart People Over the Years

 Mountains are followed by valleys.  Valleys are followed by mountains.

Victory isn’t in the flow and it isn’t in the fight.  Victory is in the faithfulness.  Don’t give up.