Flow or Fight?

Sometimes you are in the flow.  Sometimes you are in the fight.

A few months ago, I was in the flow.  Thoughts and ideas for writing and sermons were coming effortlessly.  I filled pages of my Moleskine notebook with seeds that I fully intended to turn into moving blog posts or stirring sermons.

Well, the flow ended.  Welcome to the fight!  Now I look at that list and rather than seeing seeds that simply need planted, watered, and fertilized, I see a bunch of weights that have to be carried up a thousand flights of stairs (at least that is how it feels).  Every post, every illustration, and every creative thought has to be worked out with much effort and is accompanied by little enthusiasm.

I think it is quite obvious by now that this post was born in the fight.

This is how life goes though.  Sometimes you are in the flow.  Sometimes you are in the fight.

Photo by s.schmitz


Some days you are on the mountain.  Some days you are in the valley.

Some days you have it all under your belt.  Some days your belt breaks. (Speaking of belts breaking, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!)

Some days you have it all under control.  Some days you lose control and remember to give it back to Him.

Whatever someday you are in today, remember these words:

This too shall pass.  – Many Smart People Over the Years

 Mountains are followed by valleys.  Valleys are followed by mountains.

Victory isn’t in the flow and it isn’t in the fight.  Victory is in the faithfulness.  Don’t give up.

Getting Chosen – Pick Me!

I have never been more than an average athlete (if that).  That being said, I always felt a little awkward when it came time to line up so the two best athletes could pick teams.  As a child, my number one goal at this time was to be seen.  I figured, “If they see me, they will pick me first.”  So I would make a spectacle; I would stand in front of other kids and make dramatic movements so that the captains would notice me.  “Please pick me!”

As I got older and it came time to play some pick up softball or basketball, I fought the urge to try to stick out by pretending to stretch or warm up.  But truth be told, I had the same longing to be noticed and chosen as I did when I was a little kid. “Please pick me!  And please, not last!”

I was reminded of this desire to be chosen as I read Acts 1 a few days ago.  The disciples have gone up to Jerusalem to wait for the promise, obeying the command of their Lord before He ascended to Heaven.  They are left with the task of replacing the twelfth seat, Judas’ seat.  Peter brought the matter to order, “We need to replace Judas with someone who has been faithful; someone who has been with us beginning with the baptism of Jesus until He ascended into Heaven.” (paraphrase)

That day Mathias was chosen to be Judas’ replacement.  He was chosen on the merit of His always being close, always being faithful.

This is still the deciding factor for those who would be chosen.

If you want to be chosen, if you want to be used, if you want your life to make a difference for eternity, be faithful in all things.

Sometimes it is difficult, it feels like we are getting overlooked.  But when we are faithful in the small things, God sees His child jumping up and down saying, “Pick me, Pick me!”