The Truth: According to Wikipedia

This is something I wrote WAY back in February of 2009.  I was reminded of it while reading a post on Jordan Parnell’s Blog.  He is in the middle of a series of posts themed around the concept of Wikipedia.  I highly recommend his blog.  Please take a moment and check it out.  I’m sure you will enjoy it.
Now for what I had to say about Wikipedia and Truth back in 2009.
What is Truth? What is Ignorance? Which are we closer to? Clive Thompson, in his article, “Manufacturing Confusion”, in February’s issue of Wired Magazine touches on these questions.

Agnotology is the subject at hand. The word, coined by Stanford’s Robert Proctor, means “the study of culturally constructed ignorance.” In other words, truth is suppressed by cultural ideas, beliefs, practices, ect. According to Thompson’s article Mr. Proctor says, “when society doesn’t know something, it’s often because special interests work hard to create confusion.”

One of the examples argued; evolution. Mr. Thompson implies that the rational and educated person would agree that the question of evolution has been “incontrovertibly answered in the affirmative, proven by settled facts.” However, because many church or religious groups have spent much money defending creationism, the truth of evolution has been suppressed leaving many people ignorant.

“Can we fight off these attempts to foster ignorance?” Thompson asks. He seems to think so. His suggestion, “we need…information tools that are designed to combat agnotological rot.” Enter Wikipedia. Wikipedia can be used to eliminate all the ignorance because truth is reached by consensus. Whatever the majority decides is truth. Truth is swayed by the opinion of man.

Interesting idea Mr. Thompson. But the words of one of history’s most famous judges come back to me. “What is Truth?” Pilate asked the broken and beaten man kneeling before him. What he did not know was the the one he would shortly sentence to horrific death by crucifixion was THE TRUTH.

I have heard many times in my life (thank you Bro. Mooney) “God is God and I am not”. My opinion and your opinion and the opinion of the majority will never have one ounce of effect on Truth. So when it comes to doing a bit of research for this rant, thank you Wikipedia. But when it comes to knowing Truth, no thank you. “For I know whom I have believed.”

“I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.” -Jesus

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Christianity vs Truth! What?

There is a troubling trend in Christianity today.  Sometimes it is blatantly and brazenly professed and sometimes it comes incognito, made to look like worship.  It is a belief that truth cannot be known.  We can’t really understand anything about Scripture or about God.  As I mentioned some preach (I hesitate to call what they do preaching) this from their platforms whether it be sermons, books, or blogs.  And others try to pass it off as worship, “God is so great and wonderful!  We can’t possibly understand or even really know Him!”

Wait a second!  Christianity is ALL ABOUT TRUTH!  Truth is knowable.  In fact, God WANTS us to KNOW.  That is the purpose of His Word.  Scripture is the measure, the standard, and the TRUTH.  It is God’s all-sufficient, complete, and unchangeable guide and gift for His people.  And while it is true that we cannot fully comprehend God, for His ways are higher than our ways, there is a lot that we CAN know.  He has revealed it to us through His Word.  Yet knowledge of the Bible ranks pretty low, even among “born again” believers.  The preaching and teaching of Bible Truths is disappearing from many churches and is being replaced by entertaining speeches.  The love of God’s Word is waning in the hearts of His people.

There are many that believe that the authority of God functions separately from written Scripture.  They believe that Scripture cannot be fully authoritative at the level of its functioning in the life of the Church today.  There is a dismissal of the importance of doctrine and the assumption that it is neither central, nor important in the lives of the post-modern day Christian.  As a result, we have a lot of murmuring and complaining about Truth, and a lot of shouting and rejoicing about many other subjects.  The Christian Church is distracted!

We have to get back to Bible Teaching and Bible Preaching.  People, our pastors should not have to worry about us getting bored or anxious to leave when they begin teaching us Biblical Truths.  We need to encourage them to teach to us and preach to us, like never before, the Truth of God’s Word.

We need to embrace God’s Word, embrace God’s Truth, and embrace the One at the center of its message.

Without Truth, there is no Christianity!

For more on this, I suggest David Well’s The Courage to be Protestant  from which most of these thoughts were inspired.

What Do You Have To Say About Truth?  Don’t Lie!