Book Review: The Ultimate Guid to the Daniel Fast by Kristen Feola

The Daniel Fast has experienced a trend of sorts in recent years. The Christian book market has been flooded with resources on fasting and healthy living, many of them focusing on the Daniel fast. It is a good thing for us to focus on fasting, the often neglected spiritual discipline. And while I believe in the spiritual power of the Daniel fast, and the health benefits, let us not neglect the forms of fasting that our flesh doesn’t enjoy so much.

I now many people who involve themselves in a yearly 21-day or 40-day Daniel fast and have seen great answers to prayer and spiritual growth. The benefits that the fast has on their health is also significant. I even know of some who have decided to follow the guidelines of the Daniel fast more permanently specifically for the health benefits. Whatever your level of engagement, this book is a great resource.


The book includes three parts:

The Fast – This part explores different types of fasting, the origin of the Daniel fast, and how it can impact your life.

The Focus – This part provides 21 devotionals to feed on God’s Word while you are fasting.

The Food – This part contains more than 100 nutritious, recipes that follow the guidelines of the Daniel fast.

This book is a great resource that allows you to spend less time focused on what to eat and more time focused on the Lord. 

The author also writes a helpful blog –

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