Book Review: Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Greg McKeown pulled up a chair next to me, looked at my calendar, and read my mail. At least, that is what it felt like. His book met me right where I live. And I would guess that the state that I live in is not so different from the state you live in. The state of panic? The state of overwhelm?


Okay, it may not be that bad. But we can’t deny the pressures of the fast-paced, high-demand world that we live in. We live in a world with seemingly limitless options. The flood of inputs and possibilities can be paralyzing. If we aren’t paralyzed, then we likely find ourselves caught trying to manage it all.

In EssentialismGreg McKeown gives us an alternative strategy for facing all of life’s demands. He calls it “the disciplined pursuit of less.” It is the art of discerning the trivial many from the vital few. When we give ourselves permission to stop trying to do it all and we stop saying “yes” to everyone, we can make our highest contribution to the things that really matter.

I want to HIGHLY recommend this book. You need the focus that employing it’s strategies will bring. Life is short. Much of what takes our attention means nothing in the end. Time is the one thing that you can never get back. We need to invest it in what is essential.

I also want to add that Greg and his team have done a wonderful job of making this book appealing to the senses. The pictures and diagrams are playful. The texture of the book is amazing. I enjoyed carrying it around. In fact, I should warn you that if you pick up a hard copy of this book, you will have a hard time putting it down.

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