Bank On It

“Praying for a hundred new workers in 1887.”

This was the vision set forth by the China Inland Mission after a week of prayer and fasting. Hudson Taylor had gathered the council at Anking at the close of 1886 to receive direction from the LORD concerning the important issues of spreading the Gospel to the unreached masses in China. It was determined that if any advancement was to take place, a hundred new workers were urgently needed. With the permission of Mr. Taylor, the request was made know to the church in London.

To send so many missionaries in one year was completely unheard of. No organization in existence had ever dreamed of sending out reinforcements on such a scale. The China Inland Mission then numbered only a hundred and ninety members; and to pray for a more than fifty percent increase within the next twelve months was beyond what some thought was possible. The three-fold prayer they were praying in China was taken up by countless hearts: that God would give the hundred workers, that He would supply the fifty-thousand dollars of extra income needed, and that the money might come in large sums in order to reduce correspondence for an already short-staffed mission.

What happened in 1887? One hundred and two men and women were chosen, equipped and sent out. Fifty-five thousand dollars were received, without solicitation, exceeding the needs of the new workers. And how many letters had to be written and receipts made out to acknowledge this large sum? Just eleven gifts covered it all!

What a wonderful testimony that when we pray according to His will, He will answer. You can bank on it. Specific prayers get specific answers. What are you praying for today?

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