Ashamed at His Coming

You may have heard in the news or possibly seen the advertisements guaranteeing that Saturday, May 21 will be the day that the LORD takes His church out of the world and begins a five month period of judgment and destruction of this earth. I do not wish to enter into a discussion on the accuracy of these predictions, nor do I wish to mock the man (and group) that is making them. As for my stance on the issue, I believe that the LORD may very well come back on Saturday, May 21 but I do not believe that the Bible guarantees it. It would simply be a coincidence that someone had guessed the very day.

I simply want to say, whether the LORD comes today, May 21, or later… THAT DAY IS COMING!

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If the May 21 predictions were correct, what feelings would you have? Just imagine that the Church is taken out of the world and judgment begins on this day. Do you feel anxious? Scared? Nervous? Or do you feel confident?

1 John 2:28 “And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed at his coming.”

This Scripture plainly teaches that we should be confident concerning the appearing of our LORD. If the thought that this world may come to an end in the near future does not leave you feeling confident, ask yourself, “Am I abiding in Him?” If you would be ashamed if the LORD returned on Saturday, May 21, ask yourself, “What am I doing that I would be ashamed of? What am I NOT doing that I would be ashamed of?”

Repent. Correct those things today. This could be the day.

Don’t be ashamed at His coming!

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