Ghana April Update

Another Exciting Month in Ghana…

April has been a wonderful month full of the blessings of the Lord.  The weeks were full of the usual work; teaching at ACTS on Tuesday and Thursday and GATS work on Wednesday and Friday. Here is a rundown of the highlights from this month.

  • April 3 – I preached in Koatababi for Rev. Green. We had a wonderful service rejoicing in the hope of Heaven.
  • April 5 – I had the privilege of sitting in on the ACTS Committee meeting to see how a Bible College is run ‘behind the scenes.’
  • April 10 – I traveled to the village of Swedru with the Sisco family. We had a wonderful service with four receiving the Holy Ghost.
  • April 17 – I preached in La for Rev. Asare. The worship was beautiful and God filled three people with the Holy Ghost.
  • April 24 – I preached in Madina for Rev. Prempeh on Easter Sunday. I preached “What the Resurrection Means for You” and two people were filled with the Holy Ghost! Praise God!
Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! We give God the glory for all of the great things that He has done. I am blessed to play my small part.
God Bless
Tyler Bryant

4 thoughts on “Ghana April Update

  1. I miss you Tyler!Just asking when are you comeing back home?Everybody is missing you here.Patti,Buddy,Randy,Eliana,and Elijah are missing you. Plus Gramma Bryaint,Nina,Sophi,alyzah,and my mom and dad are missing you.I am missing you the most.I really miss you.
    Your friend,
    Josiah xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Josiah! Thank you so much for writing me! This made me so happy. I miss you to! I will be back on August 4. That is just a little less than three months from now. I can’t wait to see you! Please tell everybody that I miss them too! I will see you soon.

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