Envied and Forgotten

Ship tossing on a stormy sea (photo of a photo)
Photo by momboleum
The ship’s sail at full mast as the sun dips down into the sea:
Most recently the sail had stolen the sun’s show.
Hand-crafted with care, the highest quality, brilliantly colored and designed,
The sail was the envy of every captain and crew.
The Captain’s heart swollen with pride:
The praises and accolades filled his ears until they poised his heart.
“The wind is not favorable, we have left our course,” declared the crew.
“Sails at full mast!” was the response of a hardening heart.
“The wind is too strong, we risk running aground,” was the fearful plea.
“Sails at full mast!” echoed the dark soul.
The Captain, the ship, and the crew tossed about by every wind:
Battered, beaten, broken, and destroyed.
The sail, once envied by all, forgotten.

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