Recipe For A Party

Luke 15 gives us three familiar parables; each one alike in three ways; in each parable something is lost, it is found, and it is celebrated. I’m not sure where you stand on the issue but, as for me and my house, celebrations are a good thing. In fact, I’m looking for excuses to celebrate!

Let’s Party!

Luke 15 gives us a fail-proof way to get the party started; find something that was lost! The shepherd found his lost sheep and was overjoyed. The woman found her lost coin and threw a party. The father’s lost son came home and everyone was happy! Well, almost everyone.

There was the other prodigal son. No, he hadn’t left home and squandered his inheritance like his brother, but his desires were so far from the desires of his father that he might as well have. The great joy of his father at the return of his brother would be fitting evidence of his love for his father but he refused to join the party.

We should constantly be looking for an excuse to party. As a Christian, there are only two reasons why you aren’t celebrating: either you aren’t seeing the lost found or your desires don’t match God’s desires. If the lost aren’t being saved: make a friend, invite them to church, teach a Bible study, and demonstrate the love of Jesus. If your desires don’t match the heart of God, pray that He would change your heart to love the things that He loves.

The angels will throw a party in your honor!

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