One Thing

Sis. Carter (missionary to Ghana) shared a bit of advice with me today that was given to her by Sis. Lund (former missionary to Ghana and many other places).  She said,

In Ghana, if you can get one good thing done each day you are doing good.

I am quickly learning why.  The one thing we have been doing a lot of is waiting; waiting in traffic, waiting in lines, waiting for people.  “Ten minutes” in Ghana can mean anything from ten minutes to three hours!

I can tell already that I will have to become better at prioritizing.  Each morning I must ask, “What is the one thing that must be done today?”  This will be difficult for me because I am a long list type of person.  Pray saints, pray!

On second thought, maybe I will embrace Sis. Carter’s advice.  “Bro. Poitras, you have given me so many things to do.  I hope you know that because we are in Ghana I will only be able to do one thing per day.”  🙂

What is you could only accomplish one thing today?  What would you do?  Go!


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