6 thoughts on “Going to Ghana: Thank You

  1. Praise Him Brother,

    First things: Can we still send offering to seed into this ministry while you are away?

    Wanted to let you know that I am proud of you! I want the Lord to work wonders in your life and show you great mystery while on this trip. Please work hard to give updated recaps of your trip experiences. I love you brother.

    In Christ,

    Kevin Tichenor

    1. Praise the Lord!

      It is so good to hear from you. I trust that all is well with you, the family, and the church! Anything new or exciting that you need to tell me about?

      Thank you for the kind words of encouragement concerning my trip. If you still feel led to give towards this trip you may do so by mailing an offering to my parents home (listed below). They will deposit it in my missions account. I will tell you that I have met my initial budget and any extra funds would just make my stay a little more comfortable. If there are other pressing needs, you may consider focusing there.

      I appreciate you, Kevin. I am glad to be serving the Kingdom with you.

      Tyler Bryant 3178 N 200 W Warsaw, IN 46582

  2. Great “reach.” Tears came to my eyes when you explained GATS. You have a good grip on the program. Sorry I won’t be there immediately following your arrival. Will be working with Brother and Sister Sisco, and Sister Carter to make sure you have an easy transition.

  3. Words cannot express how proud I am of your commitment to your calling. I love you son and I will miss you so very much. Ghana 2011!!!!

  4. Okay, I think it just hit me that you are going half way across the world for six months. I’ve decided you can’t go.

    Those of you reading this post, please pray for this mother who will be worried everyday about her “little boy.”

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