Qaulity in Quantity

I have been thinking today about the importance of quality and quantity in the context of our relationship with God.  I have heard it said that it is quality alone that matters.  But how can you have a quality relationship with God, or with anyone for that matter, without giving the relationship a considerable quantity of your time?  I am sure that anyone who is married would agree (or so I’ve been told).

The flip side of the coin seems pretty obvious.  It is certainly possible to invest a high quantity of time in a relationship without having a high quality relationship.  The two don’t seem to correlate in this direction (i.e. the more time I spend with God the better my relationship).  Although I do find that when I spend more time with God for the proper reasons, my relationship with Him is strengthened.  And I find that the higher the quality of my relationship, with God or others, the higher the quantity of time and effort I desire to invest in them.

I want my relationship with God to be of a quality that forgets to the ask the question of quantity.  I simply long for and cherish every moment with my Savior.

I don’t want to just say my prayers.  I want to pray.

I don’t want to just sing songs and clap my hands.  I want to worship Him.

I don’t want to just do my duty.  I want to bring Him glory.

I would love to know what you think…

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