Fashion Kills Quality

Forgive me for quoting Seth Godin once again, but he tends to get me thinking.  He says…

If we define quality as regularly meeting the measured specifications for an item, then quality matters a lot for something like a pacemaker.  It doesn’t matter at all for a $3,000 haute couture dress.

More fashion = less need for quality.

Don’t misunderstand, Seth is not saying that the more fashionable something is, the lower its quality.  He is simply saying, the more fashionable something is, the less it needs to be of a high quality.  People don’t care if it is the best quality if it is the most fashionable, the most popular, and the most likely to get them noticed.

This should cause us to beware lest we make the Gospel more about fashion and less about quality. 


We tend to talk a lot about the Gospel in terms of popularity (fashion).  How does it relate to culture?  How do we get people to be interested?  Will they like it better if we do church this way?  But do we risk lowering the quality when we try to make the Gospel more fashionable?

We need to see the Gospel as relating more closely to a pacemaker.  Fashion is not that crucial.  The important thing is, “will it save my life?”  We are not peddling fashion; competing with the fashionista down the street.  We are spreading the news about a life-saving Gospel!

With that being said, the ideal situation is when something is considered fashionable because of it’s quality.  A truly life-changing Gospel has a good chance of becoming the most talked about thing this year!

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