Some Problems With Prayer

The past couple of weeks have been about prayer.  I have been praying that God would teach me about prayer.  The importance of personal and corporate prayer cannot be overemphasized in the day and hour in which we are living.  I don’t see how someone could stay unspotted from this world or keep from being blown about with every wind of doctrine without a strong prayer life.  I can’t imagine why anyone who has ever been in the presence of God wouldn’t want one.

Let me tell you why I am seeking a deeper, more meaningful prayer life right now.

1.  There are a thousand voices screaming at me everyday (no, not voices in my head):  Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Magazines, Books, Commercials, Advertisements, Songs, and even preachers who have different views on this or that.  I am careful to immediately cut any “voice” that is harmful, and I am in the process of cutting some of the “voices” out that aren’t harmful, but simply aren’t necessary.  I need to hear from the Lord.  I need to be in the presence of the One who will lead and guide me into all Truth!

2.  My prayer time is often very distracted.  I typically pray the first thing in the morning.  It isn’t rare that I catch myself thinking about what needs to get done that day or I race from prayer request to prayer request without giving them the attention they really deserve.  I desire more order in my prayer.  In fact, I would like my prayer to be ordered and directed by the Lord.

3.  There are times that I finish prayer and I don’t feel like I really prayed.  I am sure that this has a lot to do with #2, but it just simply won’t do.  Prayer is such a mighty weapon for the Kingdom of God.  When we pray, we open the windows of heaven for God’s will to be accomplished in our lives and in our world.  Pray should move us forward.  I desire spiritual advancement in my prayer.

All that being said, God is teaching me about prayer.  I am excited to learn and see where He leads me!  I would like to share one of the sources of this teaching with you.  It came at a perfect time; Bro. Anthony Mangun recently began a series on praying through the Old Testament Tabernacle.  These lessons (link) are wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone who desires a deeper prayer life and walk with Jesus.

Do you have any favorite resources concerning prayer?

2 thoughts on “Some Problems With Prayer

  1. I have this little booklet by E.M. Bounds on Prayer that Dad gave to me… it’s fantastic. I love those who speak of prayer as intimate relationship with God. It inspires me to know Him greater and prayer is key. I have been so drawn to prayer the past few months… It’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching, life-changing relationship.

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