Even Here?

I have been thinking a lot about the Grace of God recently.  I am simply amazed by the places in my life that God’s Grace reaches into and changes.  I am learning more and more that I could do nothing were it not for God’s Grace.  His Grace leads me to repentance.  His Grace helps me to be obedient.  His Grace gives me victory.

I certainly don’t want to make light of sin.  I don’t adhere to a doctrine that teaches we can live however we want and do whatever feels good because God’s Grace will cover it all.  In fact, that is an extremely perverted grace.  It robs from the true meaning of Grace.  No, Grace should lead us to righteousness.  Grace gives us the desire to be obedient and pleasing to the One who gave the gift of Grace.

I do, however, believe that there is no place that Grace can’t reach you.  If you are breathing and Jesus hasn’t taken His Church out of this world, there is still hope.  If you are worried that you have fallen too far or sinned too much, the very fact that you are concerned is proof enough for me that you aren’t out of the reach of God’s Grace.  There are only two things that can come between you and Grace; (1) your will (you don’t desire grace/don’t think you need it) and (2) the lies of the enemy.

Many of you have probably heard this often repeated verse about sin:

Sin will take you further than you ever wanted to go.
Make you pay more than you ever wanted to pay.
And keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay.

Certainly, this is true on all accounts.  But I would like to add one line to this; someone may need to hear it.

Sin will take you further than you ever wanted to go.
Make you pay more than you ever wanted to pay.
And keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay.
And Grace can reach you there!

Yes, Even There!

2 thoughts on “Even Here?

  1. This is excellent, Tyler!

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a minister(s) quote that little verse about sin (in fact, I just heard it again this week)- it’s nice to see someone thinking beyond the sin… to GRACE! In fact, I like this so much… I think I may memorize that 4th line AND make it “officially” part of the verse! 🙂

    I don’t always link over to respond to your posts BUT I do read them all, find them very uplifting, sometimes challenging and always insightful! (I often forward them to friends and family that come to mind as I read them or that I’ve been praying for.) Thank you so much for taking the time to blog! It’s an awesome ministry and you should seriously consider writing a devotion or book someday… you’re an awesome writer!


    1. Rebecca,

      Thank you so much for this wonderful not of affirmation. Your encouragment and support of this blog has been such a blessing and I am so glad that you have found benifit for yourself and others. I hope it continues to bless you.

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