The Changing Question of Obedience

I have been thinking lately about this idea of obedience to the Lord and how it relates to our lifestyle.  Why do we live the way that we live?  Why do we abstain from certain things even though they are culturally acceptable?  Why holiness?  Why standards? And mostly, why do we disagree and fight and complain over these issues within the Church like we do?

I think a lot of it has to do with the changing question of obedience.  At least it should be a changing question.  The problem is that sometimes, and for some people, it never changes.  Let me explain what I mean by “changing question.”

When someone first believes, the question of obedience is, “What must I do.” (Acts 2:37)

And that is a wonderful question.  It is a question we all must ask if we are to be saved.  It is impossible to really ask this question unless you have realized the great sacrifice and love of Jesus Christ.

However, once this question has been answered in our life (we have repented, been baptized in Jesus’ name, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:38), then the question should change.  The question of a Holy Ghost filled child of God should no longer be, “What must I do?” It should be, “What can I do for Him?”

Which question have you been asking?

If our relationship with the Lord begins to stagnate, the question tends to change back to the original, “What must I do?”  And this time, it is not asked out of a spirit of conviction, but out of a sense of drudgery.  Any relationship that is driven by a sense of duty and obligation is no relationship at all.

Do you need to change your question?

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