The Lifetime of an Opportunity

It has been said that the opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity. Every great opportunity has its limitations. There is a limited period of time in which to make use of their offer and their opportunity.

This truth is illustrated by the story of an old Saxon king who set out to put down a rebellion in a distant province of his kingdom. When the insurrection had been quelled, the king put a candle over the archway of his castle where he had headquarters and, lighting the candle, announced to all who had been in rebellion against him that all who surrendered while the candle was burning would be spared. The king offered mercy, but the offer was limited to the lifetime of the candle.

Every great offer of life and of time has its candle limitations. We always say tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. All we have are our todays. It doesn’t matter what you will do with your opportunity tomorrow, what will you do with it today?

To the sinner, today is the day of salvation. Please don’t wait for we are not promised tomorrow. Repent and turn to Jesus today.

To the child of God, what is it that God is calling you to do? Please, the world is counting on the Church today. We cannot afford to wait until tomorrow.

The wick is short. The flame flickers. The opportunity has almost lived its lifetime.

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