Be A Lovecat

Love Is The Killer App

Tim Sanders wrote a book WAY back in 2002 that is more true today than it was when it is written.  This is a rare feat in the world of business books.  Many of you have probably read this book, but if not, it would be more than worth your time to pick up a copy (here) and read it.

This book is packed full of practical application which you can utilize whether you are in the business world or a church leader.  The basic premise is in the title; Love (the selfless promotion of the growth of others) is the Killer App (an excellent new idea that either supersedes an existing idea or establishes a new category in its field).  Sanders argues that those of us who use love as a point of differentiation in business will separate ourselves from the crowd.

Sanders will have you purring like a Lovecat.  He is, afterall, the original Lovecat.  What’s a Lovecat?  I’m glad you asked.  A Lovecat is someone who shares their (1) knowledge, (2) network, (3) and compassion with others.  Success in the future (read “today”) will depend on your willingness to share these intangibles.

If you take a look in the biz world today, some of the most successful people are the ones that are bringing Love to the workplace.  They are helping others grow and succeed.  They are giving their knowledge and network away.  They aren’t afraid to be human and show compassion.  That is why the message of this book is so relevant eight years after it was written.

Tim Sanders also blogs. He is constantly adding value.  Check his blog out here.

Spread the word.  Be a Lovecat!

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