Addicted to the Service of Israel

Reading through Exodus 7-11 makes it pretty plain to see that Egypt was addicted to the service of Israel.  Why else would they continue to hold them after all they went through?  It just doesn’t make any sense except that they didn’t believe that they could go on without the services of their Israelite slaves.  It really makes me wonder, “who are the real slaves here?”

Look at what they went through:

Their main water supply, the river, turned into blood.  “Let my people go.”  “No!”

Frogs…everywhere (streets, houses, ovens, beds).  “Get rid of the frogs and I’ll let your people go.  Wait, the frogs are gone?  Nevermind.”

Lice on every man and animal.  “Let my people go.”  “No!”

Swarms of flies.  “Okay, you can go, but don’t go too far.  Wait, the flies are gone?  Nevermind.”

All the cattle died.  “Let my people go.”  “No!”

Everyone got boils.  Let my people go.”  “No!”

Hail kills man, animal, and plants.  “Please make it stop!  I’ll let you go.  Wait, it’s over?  Nevermind.”

Locust cover the face of the earth.  “I have sinned.  I’m sorry.  Please, pray for these locust to leave!  What?  Let you go?  No!”

Darkness so dark that you couldn’t see your hand  in front of your face.  “Okay, this time you can go.  Just leave your animals and your kids here.”  “We all must go.”  “No!”

Every firstborn dead.  “Get out of here!”

But it still wasn’t over!  Pharaoh still changed his mind after all that.  He chased the children of Israel and sent his army into the midst of the sea where the walls of water crashed in on them and consumed them in a watery grave.

How silly these Egyptians were!  They were so addicted to the services Israel that they would rather keep them with all the negative consequences than try to live without them.  It ended up costing them everything.

Most of the time, we compare ourselves to the children of Israel.  “God has brought us out of Egypt!”  But I realized something as I read this account recently, we actually have a lot in common with Pharaoh.  Yes, Pharaoh, the one who neglected every warning sign because he was addicted to the service of Israel.

How often do we do the same thing with sin?

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