I Never Sing Alone

Some of my fondest memories and earliest encounters with God took place as a young boy locked away in my room with boombox blaring and me singing at the top of my lungs.  I cherish the memories of times when I would sing along with the latest Kirk Franklin or John P Kee CD until the Spirit of God would move in and begin to work on my young heart.  It was in moments like these that God began to deal with me about His calling and purpose for my life.  I loved these times alone with the Lord and I would wait for the opportunity (when I was left at the house alone) to crank up the volume and just belt out a song.

Times have certainly changed.  I’m not a boy anymore, and sometimes I don’t feel like singing.  It is a rare moment at our crazy house, people coming and going, that I am ever home alone.  I don’t use CD’s or a boombox anymore, all my music is stored in my iTunes library on my laptop or iPod.  But one thing remains the same, there are times when the only thing to do is crank up the volume and just belt out a song.

When my heart is overwhelmed, when life has more questions than answers, when I don’t know which way is up, I sing.

And so, because I normally write each post the day before I post it, and because tomorrow is a post day, I apologize that I will not have the time to write a post on some profound topic for you.  You see, I am all alone in this house tonight and my heart is full of questions.  The playlist has been created, the speakers are turned up, and I am going to sing until the Answer comes.

Ephesians 5:18-19 “…Be filled with the Spirit.  Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

I never sing alone.

6 thoughts on “I Never Sing Alone

  1. Best yet.

    And if you’re thinking I just feel that way because this one was more personal – there is probably some strength to that idea.

    But mostly, it’s because it was awesome. And profound. And there was a wicked ending sentence.

  2. Love this. When I was little & angry/in trouble/sad I would go in my room & make up songs about how I was feeling. Thought I was quite the song writer… ha! Seriously though song has always been a source of strength/release for me, too. And long before I ever get up on a platform to sing I guarantee I’ve sang the song just me and God already. Love singing in my prayer time… learned by example from my mom. Anyways… I like it.

  3. Inspiring post! I made a New Year’s resolution several years ago to try and sing every day. Granted, I don’t always make it, but I find that when I do, my day is immensely better!

    PS – I told you I’d start reading your posts… 😉

  4. I can truly verify this blog because I remember babysitting your brothers and hearing alabaster box blaring and you speaking in tongues. My alone singing time is in my car with my favorite music going and years steaming dowm my face. I never sing alone either.

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