Some Prayers to Stop Praying

I am thankful for the sermon that my pastor preached yesterday.  He spoke concerning the important discipline of listening to God for direction for decisions.  This is certainly a discipline that we struggle with today.  We live in a world full of noise and interruptions.  We have Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Television, iPods, iPads, Magazines, Satellite Radio, and a whole host of other convenient distractions.  And many times, all of these distractions are bundled up in one device that we can easily carry with us in our pocket.

Many of us need to realize the addiction we have to noise.  We even have websites and widgets for white noise to help us concentrate because we can no longer function in the silence.  Example: When is the last time you prayed without background music? (Preaching to myself)  Is is possible that the convenience of sound has contributed to the spiritual shallowness that many contemporary western Christians share?

We need to revive the dying art of getting away from the noise and shutting the world off.  However, I was struck by a truth yesterday that found its mark in my life, directly between my eyes.  That truth is this; it is not enough to get away from the noise of this world because, more often than not, the loudest noise keeping me from hearing the voice of God is the sound of my own voice!

I realized today that there are some prayers that I need to stop praying.  I have been praying some prayers that were interrupting the voice of God in my life.  He has been trying to give me the answer while I have been trying to give Him suggestions of answers that I would like.

It is so easy for our prayers to become consumed by our opinions and the opinions of others.  We think we know best.  We pray for God to answer the way we think He should.  All the while, His voice is trying to break through our noise and give us His answer.

Ssh, quiet!  Do you hear that?  It sounds like your answer.

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