My Favorite Blogs

For those of you who love good reading with good content, here is a list of my favorite blogs.  Check them out.  Tell me which ones you like.  And tell me what your favorite blogs are.

Here they are, in no particular order…

Seth Godin’s Blog – (Marketing Guru) Seth is an incredibly unique thinker when it comes to business and marketing.  He sees things differently than everyone else.  I wish I could get some Seth Godin glasses so I could see the things he sees.  He has also written several great books that you will want to check out.  This blog will have about six posts a week and they will almost always be very short but very thought-provoking.

Chris Brogan’s Blog – (Community & Social Media Guru) Chris has an online presence to rival anybody.  But the great part is, he isn’t just there, he is constantly communicating and contributing.  If you ask him a good honest question, he will normally respond (when he gets to it).  He offers a lot of good insight that can be applied in many areas of life, not just social media.  Chris posts almost everyday and sometimes a few times a day.

Michael Hyatt’s Blog – (Leadership & Blogging Guru) Michael is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian book publisher in the world.  He is a fountain of knowledge and resources in his area of expertise.  He gives sound advice and practical knowledge that is useful for anyone in any kind of leadership position.  Plus, he gives away books all the time!  I have been reading his blog for about four months and I have already won 3 books!!!

Melinda Poitras’s Blog – (Wordsmith) I met Melinda while on a missions trip to Ghana, West Africa.  Her family has been in Ghana for most of her life and she has recently come to the good ol’ US of A to attend Bible College.  Let’s just say Melinda has a way with words (understatement).  Everything she writes is deeply personal, full of passion and emotion, and charged with the struggles and triumphs of life and the Giver of Life.  Her blog will easily be one of the most creatively written and emotionally stirring blogs that you will ever read.

That’s enough for now.  I have several young minister peers that write excellent blogs that I would like to share with you.  I will tell you about them sometime in the future.

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your favorite blogs.  I’d love to know what you are reading!

One thought on “My Favorite Blogs

  1. Melinda Poitras non-romantically (or platonically – the word she learned after that fateful Ghanaian Summer), yet, just as ardently loves her friend Tyler Bryant to pieces. The complex structure that is his mind could best be compared to the Smithsonian and yet he has always been fully committed to visiting the Children’s Museum that is her world. Nothing pleases her more than to know that he enjoys his time there. Speaking of time – she was hoping to spend some of hers with him this week.

    (Just a little deeply personal and passionate reminder designed specifically by the Wordsmith to stir his emotions into action…)

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