I Want To Be A Berean

Not much is said in the Word of God about Berea or the people who lived there.  The people of Berea are only mentioned in one chapter of Scripture, Acts 17.  This is all we know about the Bereans:

(1) They were considered noble people because…

(2) They received the Word preached to them by Paul and Silas with a ready mind.  And…

(3) They searched the Scripture daily to see if the message Paul and Silas preached was true to the Word.

I really like what verse 12 of Acts 17 says happened as a result of the Bereans doing these three things; “therefore many of them believed.”

These Bereans were so hungry for Truth!  And they knew that there was only ONE source to which they could turn.  It wasn’t their opinion, it wasn’t (just) tradition, it wasn’t (just) the preacher.  It was the Word of God!

They were considered noble because they received the Word with readiness of mind.  This speaks of the presence of eager interest and the absence of prejudice.  They had a sincere desire to be taught, and to know, the Truth.  When they were taught, they went to the written Word to be sure what they had been taught was true.

It seems to me that the Bereans must have believed in absolute truths, and that these truths are knowable.  A lot of today’s “Christians” would do well to spend some time with the Bereans!

Notice what happens when people get hungry for Truth and search the Scriptures…“Many Believed.”

I want to be a Berean.

One thought on “I Want To Be A Berean

  1. I think that the key to this blog is…” it wasn’t their opinion, or their tradition, etc” This is still a hard thing for me to conquer in my own life. How difficult it had to have been to break those timeless “traditions” and BELIEVE that Jesus was THE Savior that they had waited on. Give up those traditions “that saved” and turned “ONLY” to Jesus for remission. To be able to look past “my opinion” or “tradition”, to be open to hear God’s whisper. I don’t ever want to be “secure” “familiar” in my walk and not be able to hear and change. Easy to write, but ” change”, in the rut of tradition even, is difficult. I find it hard to “hear” without …prejudice, as you have stated. Seems so much that I “hear” stems either from tradition, or opinion. I attended a prayer meeting recently and was so excited to be apart of a group of hungry Spirit filled women. So many of the things the leader was teaching had nothing to do with what the Word says but from her own past, “opinion and tradition”. Here is my question, How do you KNOW that the things that things you ‘hear” are from God and not an interpretation? Not a question really,
    just a thought. The cookie cutter answer here is clear.
    By the way, another good brain massage! and I want to be a Berean too….:)

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